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south indian food
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Anna Idli aims at creating a space where people can relate to their memories and enjoy the moment through authentic south Indian ambience & cuisines. The key design idea is to create a space which can take these thoughts to real spatial experience.  Creating spaces for ‘Connecting memories’ & Create a belonging to the space through the food we serve, relate to the culture one comes from, the present context and how to respond to the past & present

The concept is to create intimate spaces, which takes a person towards their own self. Simple & elegant spaces with memory associations done by modulating the volume of spaces, adjusting the amount of natural light/darkness inside, colour and natural textures which can enhance the haptic senses, usage of recycled materials which has direct association to memories. Traditional design celebrates the richness of craft with ethnic patterns & traditional elements

south indian food

Open Now

We Are OPEN NOW!!!

281, Market Yard,
Infront of Shivaji Statue,
Opp. Gate No.1, Market Yard,
Maharashtra 411037

+91 8600773648

south indian food

Welcome to Anna Idli

Anna Idli

…best South Indian restaurant is a readily accepted south Indian home for people who relate themselves with the south Indian cuisine & always thrive to have an authentic south Indian food.

Anna Idli, the best South Indian restaurant takes you way down to southern parts of Indian continent with a healthy, delicious, fresh & wholesome south indian food. It makes you remember the motherly love with every single bite you have.

Anna Idli is nurtured by Shubhashree Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

Learn more about our ventures…

Anna Idli


Shubhashree Hospitality

Anna Idli is nurtured by Shubhashree Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

Learn more about our ventures…

Anna Idli


Shubhashree Hospitality

Best South Indian Restaurant

Anna In News

south indian breakfast
south indian food
Best South Indian Restaurant

Our Customer Reviews

Real feel of Southern India

Today I came across a South Indian food joint on Baner road called ‘Anna Idli’.

The name emerges with the ambience. It actually gives the real feel of southern India.
Beautifully carved pillars with rough stone texture and exposed brick walls blend in to the perfection. It has indoor and semi-outdoor sitting facility, where tables are made of granite. It just makes your food look even more delicious. I began with butter Idli. It was served on banana leaf, cooked to perfection & topped up with home made butter (Loni). Chatni and sambhar came as side dishes. My taste buds could feel the authenticity. Same happened with ‘davangiri loni dosa’ and ‘single Wada sambhar’. Finally I had filter coffee (philtre caphi) to bless my soul. In all it was a tasteful blissful experience. It’s a worth visit. I would dare to say it’s a tough competition to southindian giants ‘vaishali’ & ‘roopali’.

Apurva & Shalaka

Authentic South Indian dishes

My wife and me chose to have our dinner at ANNA IDLI, BANER, PUNE and thank God, it was a reat
choice that we had made on that night. It was a nice overall dining experience and we did enjoy our dining at ANNA IDLI a lot !!!

1. AMBIANCE – They have seating arrangements for their uests inside as well as outside and the overall ambiance,
both inside and outside, is quite nice – pleasing and soothing to the mind. It is not a huge space of theirs but they have planned everything so crafting that it really feels good once you step inside their premises. 4/5 !!!

2. NEATNESS, TIDINESS, CLEANLINESS & HYGIENE – They maintain high standards of neatness, tidiness and
cleanliness and the overall level and standard of hygiene, therefore, is extremely good. 4/5 !!!

3. SERVICE – They serve at a lightning pace and the secret is this: they maintain a day-wise menu of items that you can order on a specific day of the week and this actually is a fantastic operational idea. I loved the idea a lot – it definitely helps them deliver an excellent level and pace of service to their guests/customers day in and day out. 4.25/5 !!!

4. STAFF MEMBERS – They were quite good and had definitely impressed us with their service. However, I had really
found it both odd and strange that one of their managers (and that too, a very youn uy) had no idea that they
were registered with Zomato !!! 4/5 !!!

i. TASTE & QUALITY – Absolutely superb dishes they serve, both in terms of taste and quality of food; people are
bound to love their food !!! 4.5/5 !!!
ii. QUANTITY – Well, they serve in sufficient quantity!!!
iii. PRESENTATION – Quite nice but there is ample scope for improvement as well; 3.75/5 !!!
iv. PRICE – Quite a pocket friendly restaurant ANNA IDLI is !!!

My rating of a 4.5, out of a total of 5, for the food !!!

In short, if you have that yearning and craze within yourself to taste real quality, authentic South Indian dishes over here at Pune, and that too, going light on your wallet, ANNA IDLI, BANER is the sure-shot place to be at !!!

Subhasish Sarkar

Clean and Hygiene Maintained

Awesome place
Great Ambience
Very fast service
We ordered almost 6 items and they were served in just 5 mins
Don’t forget to order Durva Amrut – one of the best healthy and organic drink I have ever seen
A very great substitute for Vaishali and Wadeshwar.
Filter coffee was superb !!!
A very clean and hygiene kitchen and my wife requested the waiter to see the kitchen I was surprised to see the
owner himself attended her and explained the Process.

Doshi Sumit

Pocket Friendly

I love this place. I just love this place.
MY ORDER: Millet and Masala dosa.
MY EXPERIENCE: A smile on my face.
POCKET FRIENDLY: Certainly it is.
AMBIENCE: Love this place alot. Feels so good.
OVER ALL: Thumps up


Rich Ambience

A place serving authentic South Indian Cuisine has won hearts of the people .
I loved their walls which depict the South Indian Culture showing gods , goddesses , temples , dance forms . Like a ‘Rich Ambience’.
This joint has indoor as well as outdoor seating .
The benches of granite with small trees which is very refreshing .
Banana Leaf serving gives a magical touch to the food.
I had Anna Mysore Masala Dosa , Mallegi ldli , Dhruv Amrut , Filter coffee , Masala Chaas
I would like to mention few details about Mallegi ldli & Dhruv Amrut .

Mallei ldli – Larger in size than ordinary ldli . This variety of ldli is like a CupCake which is topped on with dollops of Ghee. ldli is so so soft.

Dhruv Amrut – A refreshing healthy drink of Durwa, Tulsi , Ginger, Lemon juice. Slurrrppllll


Top Recommendations for Breakfast

I am part-south indian and I confess that a south-indian snack place with name “Anna ldli” sporting a
“marathi topi” had put me off. I dismissed it as just another place whose owners are too cool to be bothered about such minor mismatches.
But, then I visited the place for an early morning breakfast. The food and the overall ambience of the place just won me over!
The idli sambar and the chutney took me 300 kms back home. Such soft and light idlis, tasty sambar, and the fresh
coconut chutney are a must, must have at anna idli.
We had the rava dose, and the mysore masala dose.
The “masala” in the dosa is not the usual yellow mashed potatoes, but a tasty mixture of herbs and spices in
mashed potatoes. Recommend you to try it!
If you visit south indian food place and you never leave without the filter coffee. Wayyyy better than the popular fc road joints which are in the same state as a once famous circus tiger growing too old for new tricks.

One of my top recommendations for breakfast.

Maithili Deshpande

BEST place to have South Indian Cuisine

Anna Idli is just the top of the food chain as far as South Indian food restaurants go in Pune at the
moment! It is the BEST place to have south indian cuisine in Pune and has left strong contenders like Vaishali and Wadeshwar far behind in the race! I also love the fact that it has deviated from the typical southie menu and added elements of southern food that are almost nowhere else to be found in the city! I especially like the Mallige Idli because of its gheelicious (get it?) and soft texture. The place is also very clean with beautifully done interiors and has an open kitchen that reassures you of the hygienic standards maintained by the management and staff. I recommend this place to anyone who is in Baner area and wants to have incredible south Indian food!

Ankur Jahagirdar

Definitely a must try

This place never fails to disappoint I must say.
It was my second visit for breakfast today with family & it was just an amazing experience. Parking could be a little concern but you can get it on the roadside on Baner road. Brace yourself for waiting in peak hours but its definitely worth it. In my last visit I had their Maddur wada, Paper masala dosa, Wada sambar which were really very good.
Even today the experience right from the start was very good. Despite the early morning rush we managed to et a
table within 10 mins. The Ambience is simple yet awesome with painting’s from South India which give a really nice feeling. Today we decided to try their Idli Wada, Anna Mysore Masala Dosa, Davangere Loni Dosa and Onion Cheese Uttappa. Everything arrived on the table with 12-13 mins.
The Davangere Loni Dosa was extremely soft , sewed with a spoonful of Loni which tasted really nice along with
extremely tasty coconut chutney & sambar. The chutney was thick and fresh.
The Anna Mysore Masala Dosa was the clear winner here which was a crispy masala dosa coated with Podi
(Gunpwder) & Loni & filled with potato masala & cashews.
Even the Onion Cheese Uttappa had generous amount of grated cheese and was really soft.
The Idli Wada was also extremely good and huge in size.
You just cannot miss the Filter Coffee after the meal which was a typical strong South Indian Coffee.
This place definitely tops my list for serving the Best South Indian Cuisine in Pune.
Overall this place is definitely a must try.

Food- 5/5
Service- 5/5
Quality- 5/5

Ritesh N

Simply Super

Wouldn’t have taken so much of a pain to rate a place immediately after eating. We stay in Aundh, but
have a god gifted short cut to reach Anna Idli within 5 mins of pleasant walk.
Being from Mumbai, I always find myself way too critical when it comes to taste ! Anna Idli is “the place” to be
especially if your taste buds are very sharp and you are used to south indian food taste from. Chennai, Bangalore or Matunga east in Mumbai which is known to be mini Madras. Simply super.
I don’t wish to bias your mind by telling you what we ate and how was it. Whatever we ate was simply brilliant in
taste, hygiene and presentation. If you are fan of South Indian food, then try their south Indian spread such as rice varieties, payasam etc. which otherwise is not so easy to get elsewhere in Pune.
Me and my wife had wonderful time to walk down to this place and spend a lunch date out there. If you consider
taste as bottom line then this place is better than most of the so called south indian addas in Pune. I wish this place stays and grows with the response and love of the people around.

Ganesh Pitre

Amazing Service

I have been in Pune since a year and a half, speaking of it I am from north India and one can understand
the kind of tasty food served there being it northern or southern food. Being in South you have good expectations
to greet your dosa, idli taste buds and this place keeps up to your expectations
What did I order?
Anna Mysore Masala Dosa – Normal dosa batter mixed with dhania, paneer and other vegetable flavourful paste filled with a delicious masala aloo paste and cooked heavily in butter which could be easily felt while you eat it @140/-

Mallige idli – pearl white and extremely soft idli topped with optimum amount of ghee with sambhar and chutney

Dipped Medu vada – crispy vada dipped in sambhar @70/-

Service here is extremely amazing. Waiters are very courteous and attentive. Sambhar taste could be improved,
vada was served cold(but were told before by the waiter that due to waiting crowd they were cooked before and will not be hot) I liked their hospitality in admitting so we do not create an assumption

Value for money-5/5

Also I of lucky as I did not get to wait and on that particular day the restaurant did not have queues. Usually there is a long waiting and also the best part is that it is a family restaurant so you know where to take them for south indian food.

Archisha Tripathi

Nice place for families

Anna Idli does justice to its name, food quality is good and so is the taste.
A very limited menu but it works for the best , too many dosas and you end up just like any other south indian
restaurant. What you get here is Dosa , Idli wada and rice dishes.
No Chat, punjabi or chinese – for good
Idli is super soft (I guess the softest I ever had in a restaurant).
Medu wada dipped in sambar was good – fried properly and was big on size a must try
Onion uttapam was also very good.
I also tried the davengiri dosa, batter just like uttapam .would suggest have either one not both at one time. Also they don’t give potato bhaji with davengiri dosa – which is available for INR 10. Do try the dosa with the bhaji.
I personally liked onion uttapam better.
Chutneys – white coconut and red are good.
Sambar is udipi style, I personally like the chennai flavoured sambar more.
Hygiene is good and ambience good for a south indian joint.They have a open sitting also. No AC.
Nice place for families.
Filter coffee was also good.
Lassi was thick and less sweet – a bit heavy, stick to tea or coffee.
They serve a chilled tender coconutwater, lemon and sugar drink – taste just like nimboo pani but it is good stuff.
Overall a try it once kind of restaurant and it will become your regular stopover
Just across the road you have Giani icecreams from Delhi which can be a stop before you head back home.

Somesh Vedi

Heaven for all South Indian lovers

Anna ldli!!! Heaven for all South Indian lovers!! The ambience, the cordial staff, quick service and above
all the menu is simply brilliant!!! The dosas were to die for!! Don’t miss the red chutney and to top it all up was the traditional filter coffeee!!!!!!

Mudita Shah

Awesome menu with good variety

Awesome Menu with good variety,
Idli’s are mind blowing, specially the LONI IDLI (White butter). Idli 5/5, Loni Idli 10/5
Dosas are crispy and each has a distinct flavour, so Masala Dosa does taste different than the Paper Dosa.
You must not miss their Filter Coffee after your meal….
If Ashish is Serving you your food then you will have the best time there
Food 5/5
Service 5/5
Ambiance 4.5/5
WARNING – You will have to wait at least for 20 minutes if you are there on a weekend
Verdict – A place you must visit if you are a Vegetarian

Sandeep Bankar

Finest South Restaurant in Pune

This is the finest south restaurant in Pune.
Best idli .. best Mysore dosa..
Everything is just to good to be described in words.
It even beats Vaishali in terms of taste.
The only problem is waiting time.. on weekends morning waiting time is around an hour.. so very frustrating

Pradeep Zagare

Most Authentic Food

It’s a must visit place for the south indian food lovers. Though they have a limited menu but serves the
most authentic food. Taste and ambience gives you the feel of south India. I visited this place today and was there for lunch, I and my team were super hungry and we ordered a lot of food items from the menu all dishes were YuMl! Loved the food and ambience!!
Now let’s get down to service, super fast I am it was just the matter of ordering the food and it was available on your table the very next moment! Super fast service.
Everything served here is a good value for money!! Very affordable to pockets and light on the stomach!!
A must visit for the south indian food lovers!! Loved it.
Just one suggestion for Anna Idli guys, please start serving “Appe” it is the best dish I think would add to your
My review would be as follows,
Food – 4.5
Ambience – 4.5
Value for money – 4.5
Service – 4.5
Overall – 4.5

Akshay Habbu
south indian breakfast

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    Anna Idli

    Spread over 8 locations across Pune | Solapur | Bijapur


    Parmar chambers,
    Besides Reliance mart,
    towards EON IT park,
    Kharadi, Pune
    Maharashtra 411014


    273/5, Baner Rd,
    Shambhu Vihar Society,
    Sanewadi, Aundh,Pune.
    Maharashtra 411045


    Gagan Capital,
    Besides Ruby Hall Clinic Exit Gate,
    Dhole Patil Road,Pune
    Maharashtra 411001


    281, Market Yard,
    Infront of Shivaji Statue,Opp. Gate No.1,
    Market Yard, Gultekdi,Pune,
    Maharashtra 411037


     Jule Solapur Rd,
    Konark Nagar,
    Jule, Solapur,
    Maharashtra 413004


    940/2, Rupa Bhavani Rd,
    South Sadar Bazar,
    Jawaharlal Housing Society,
    Maharashtra 413002


    6/B1/B4, Navi Peth,
    Murarji Peth,
    Maharashtra 413001


    SH 34,
    Upali Burj Area,
    Karnataka 586101

    Anna Idli, Baner Road

    Anna Idli, Murarji Peth Solapur

    Anna Idli Jule Solapur

    Anna Idli,Vijayapur

    Anna Idli, Sadar Bazaar, Solapur

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